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Downtown Tiburon

Downtown Tiburon has been a place of significant change over time, with the filling of bay lands and marsh in the early years, the redevelopment of the former railyard to become a public park and the Point Tiburon development, and the revitalization of historic Main Street and Ark Row. How should the General Plan guide the development of the downtown streets, public spaces, business spaces, and housing opportunities in the years ahead? How can we help make downtown a resilient, successful hub for our community?

Activating Downtown
Today, Main Street and Ark Row have a memorable village character. The shoreline draws people with incredible views. Tiburon Boulevard is home to our Town Hall and popular library. We will look at ways to knit these parts together in a way that supports more activity throughout. This includes ideas for encouraging mixed use, ensuring synergy between buildings and public spaces, and adding amenities and programming.

Circulating Downtown
Tiburon Boulevard is an attractive gateway into downtown for all modes of travel and the main spine of our community. Main Street and Beach Road each have parts to play in our circulation system, and parking lots are tucked in. We will look at ways to enhance circulation, like potential one-way streets, midblock pedestrian ways, integration of bikes and scooters, and wayfinding signage.

Developing Downtown
Downtown continues to have some large properties with future development potential, especially along Tiburon Boulevard. We will explore ways to ensure that development of these properties results in buildings that complement downtown’s character while creating more housing options and commercial spaces. Choosing the right strategies for Tiburon. We invite you to help us decide how to best guide downtown Tiburon.