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The Town held a workshop on January 25th to explore policies to make Tiburon a more sustainable community. If you missed the workshop, this is your opportunity to provide feedback on the draft Climate Action Plan and on sustainability issues that should be addressed in the General Plan. It may be helpful to review the workshop presentation before taking the survey.

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Zero-Emission Vehicle Target

The draft Climate Action Plan is targeting at least 25% of vehicles registered in Marin to be zero emission by 2030. Do you think this is an achievable target?

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Public Electric Vehicle Chargers

Does Tiburon need more electric vehicle chargers in parking lots throughout town?

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Electric Vehicle Charging Requirements

Should the Town adopt higher electric vehicle charging infrastructure requirements for new buildings?

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All-Electric Buildings

Should the Town require new residential and non-residential buildings to be all-electric?

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Replacement Electric Appliances

Should the Town require installation of high efficiency electric appliances when replacing appliances that use natural gas?

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Energy Audits

Should the Town require an energy audit at time of resale or major remodel of a residential or commercial building?

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Sustainability Issues

Are there any specific sustainability issues that should be addressed in the General Plan Update?

Climate Action Plan

Are there any specific changes or additions that should be considered for the draft Climate Action Plan?

Provide any additional comments below.